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When will your art be available for sale?

Sign up for my mailing list for the best information on when/where my work is selling and get a hidden coupon code! Otherwise, check out my  Instagram. I don't often sell work online, and am working on setting up a shop, but until then I will be launching Instagram sales. 

Love your work but I can't afford it! Any options for me?

Totally fine! Times are tough and I definitely want to make my work more accessible. Here are some options:

Personal Payment Plan: Let's chat and come up with a way to split the bill that works for you! Ideally this looks like an even payment every 2 weeks until paid in full and then I ship the work. 

Barter/Trade: I will happily accept an exchange of goods or services of near or equal value! Acceptable forms include photography, manual labor in my studio, website design, graphic design, cooked meals, and any random item(s) I might need at the moment.


Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, I can ship worldwide! Keep in mind, shipping costs vary greatly from country to country and can get quite pricey if headed overseas.

Do you teach private classes? 

I do not teach one-on-one private classes anymore, sorry! But please see my Current Classes page to sign up for places I do teach at.

How much do your mugs cost?

Mugs range from $50-$80 and can go higher according to materials (colored clay, gold, etc) or designs, e.g. custom drawings.

Can I place a custom order?

Yes! Please send me a message that includes specifications such as size, design considerations, and if you need it by a certain time. Please be aware that I can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months to make the work depending on my schedule and whatever else I got going on in life.

If I'm local to Boston, can I pick up my order instead?

Yup! There is a free local pickup option! We'll agree on a date/time and I will leave your purchase on my porch for you!

Can I microwave my mug or put it in the dishwasher?

Yes to both! I do it all the time. Although I think hand washing is a bit better practice and if has gold on it then you can't microwave it.

How do you come up with your prices?

The price tag comes with my 10 years of experience, the cost of materials, time, and other costs such as handling fees and overhead.

A few points regarding price and perception:

- Craft is often undervalued and mass manufactured ceramics usually sets the bar for its perception as cheap. This sentiment unfairly carries over to handmade work. Therefore, educating customers about the difficult and lengthy process behind this craft is vital. Ultimately, price is determined by what people are willing to pay but if people see a $1,000 piece of art on the wall as justified and $100 piece of art on the dinner table as unjustified then much work still needs to be done.

What is your return policy?

Purchases are non-returnable or refundable unless damaged during shipping.

I also cannot put your broken piece back together i.e. kintsugi. If you choose to epoxy glue it yourself, that may be fine for a handle or stem, but beyond that your piece will not hold liquid the same again. 

Can I put your ceramics in the oven or on a stovetop?

No! Please don't, as that can cause it to crack or break. With the right clay and glazes, that can work but I recommend finding a potter who specializes in ovenware or flameware.

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